Linda Whiteford

Linda Whiteford
Professor of Anthropology and Founding

Linda M. Whiteford holds a PhD and MA in Anthropology, and a Master's degree in Public Health. She is a Professor of Anthropology and Founding Co-Director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Social Marketing for Social Justice at USF. She helped establish the dual degree program between the USF department of anthropology and the College of Public Health; and graduate certificates in Health, Water, and Culture with USF anthropology and the Colleges of Engineering and Public Health; a graduate certificate in Medical Anthropology; helped establish the USF Centers for Community and Public Scholarship, Sustainability, and USF World. In addition, she has represented USF internationally in Ghana, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Exeter, Dubrovnik, and London.

Dr. Whiteford has consulted for WHO, PAHO, USAID, the World Bank, and the Canadian Agency for International Development on projects in Bolivia, Ecuador, Antigua, Barbados and Mexico. She chaired the department of Anthropology, and was President of the Society for Applied Anthropology. She also served USF as Vice Provost for Program Development and Review, Associate Vice President for Global Strategies and International Affairs, and Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives. Most recently, Dr. Whiteford was awarded the prestigious Sol Tax Prize for Distinguished Service to the Profession by the Society for Applied Anthropology. The award will be presented in Philadelphia on April 6th, 2018. She was also selected to be Scholar of the Year at Santa Clara University, and also at St. Mary's College of Maryland. She has received six Senior Researcher National Science Foundation research awards, and six School for Advanced Seminar awards, and as well as other research awards for investigations in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba and countries in Central and South America.

Her books include: Community Participatory Involvement: A Sustainable Model for Global Public Health (2015); Anthropology and the Engaged University: New Vision for the Discipline Within Higher Education (2013); Global Health in Times of Violence (2010), Primary Health Care in Cuba: The Other Revolution (2008); Anthropological Ethics for Research and Practice (2008); and Globalization, Water and Health: Resources in Times of Scarcity (2005); Global Health Policy, Local Realities: The Fallacy of the Level Playing Field (2000); and New Approached to Human Reproduction (1985).

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